At Kalemanzi Media Solutions, we offer a wide array of services. Ask our regular clients. It´s very useful to know us. From anything web related like web designs and custom development, right down to audio visual production, photography, live video and audio streaming , video transcoding, encoding, and even computer support. Kalemanzi Media Solutions covers all those bases for you. We also provide Graphic Design services, Search Engine Optimization and even give training where needed. The big thing is that we are here to SERVE you, and to make your dream a reality, and we will do what ever needs to be done to help our clients reach their goals.

Web Development

Web_128The phrase, Web Development is very loaded. Web development is not very different from property development. You start by making calculations and setting up budgets and eventually end up with the finished building, going through a snagg list. All this and everything inbetween rings true to the design and development of a website. Our web experience is vast and we always make sure we stay in step with the latest technologies and trends.

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Graphic Design

graphic-designEvery second person who can work on a computer these days call themselves designers. A print design needs to communicate it´s message clearly, and be simple enough to print. We design striking functional artwork for any printable media. We are talking billboards, packaging, feather banners, business cards, pamphlets, posters, t-Shirts, booklets, DVD covers, CD Covers, CD Labels, Labels, letterheads, stickers, magnets, bookmarks and any other possible thing you can think of that needs to be designed.

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NikonD40-Front-128Everything we see with our eyes is because of light. We believe in following the light. In all our photographic endevours, we aim to capture more than just images. With life that is but a fleeting moment, we aim to capture the miracle of the moment for others to share. People, place or thing, you can always expect a crisp, well composed hight quality image.

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Video Production

video-productionWhether you need a camera man willing to crawl through an underground tunnel of an obstacle course, or you want to capture your wedding day, or maybe need somebody to film somthing in the water, Kalemanzi Media Solutions has been there, designed the t-shirt and sold it.

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Audio Services

audio-servicesWith more than 18 years experience in live and studio sound, radio broadcast and theatre production, there is no project too big or too small for Kalemanzi Media Solutions. (Okay, we have not created scores for film yet or done sound for U2, but who knows what the future holds)

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Linux and Computer Support

linux-logoThere are only 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who don´t. *

At Kalemanzi Media Solutions, our computer experience dates as far back as the pre Windows era. This means we have a deep understanding of how computers work. When things do go pearshaped, we can fix it. If we do not know how to fix something, we are very efficient at getting a solution fast, or even coding a solution fast if we need to. Our operating system of choice is Linux, due to it´s flexibility, stability and immunity to malware, but we make a fair amount of business repairing Windows related issues.

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