Linux and Computer Support

linux-logoThere are only 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who don´t. *

At Kalemanzi Media Solutions, our computer experience dates as far back as the pre Windows era. This means we have a deep understanding of how computers work. When things do go pearshaped, we can fix it. If we do not know how to fix something, we are very efficient at getting a solution fast, or even coding a solution fast if we need to. Our operating system of choice is Linux, due to it´s flexibility, stability and immunity to malware, but we make a fair amount of business repairing Windows related issues.

  • BBC support (Born before computers)
  • Malware removal from Windows systems
  • Data recovery of accidentally deleted hard drives, memory cards and other media.
  • Implementation of Linux operating systems
  • Migration Windows to Linux, effectively solving problems with virus, spyware and all forms of malware

Computers can only count in zero´s and ones, or on and off states. It is by crunching vast combitnations of these zeros and ones that computers can do all sorts of calculations. One zero or one value, is called a byte. If you count in binary compared to decimal, 0 is zero, 01 is one, 10 is two and 11 is three and so on.

So there are only 10 (two) kinds of people. Those who understand computers and those who don´t.