NikonD40-Front-128Everything we see with our eyes is because of light. We believe in following the light. In all our photographic endevours, we aim to capture more than just images. With life that is but a fleeting moment, we aim to capture the miracle of the moment for others to share. People, place or thing, you can always expect a crisp, well composed hight quality image.




Photographic services offered

  • Interior and exterior architectural photography
  • Product photography
  • Children
  • Portraits
  • Weddings, events and functions
  • Nature photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Water based and under water photography
  • Photo retouching and RAW image processing
  • Large range of stock photos of the region


Our system is built around Nikon, with the Full frame Nikon D3 (The same camera they use on the International Space Station) as our camera of choice. (We also have a couple of smaller Nikon cameras.) We have a range of lenses from extreme wide angles up to 600mm as well as diving and splash equipment which enables us to take photos in extreme conditions up to 60m underwater. We are also able to source additional equipment if needed.