Web Development

Web_128The phrase, Web Development is very loaded. Web development is not very different from property development. You start by making calculations and setting up budgets and eventually end up with the finished building, going through a snagg list. All this and everything inbetween rings true to the design and development of a website. Our web experience is vast and we always make sure we stay in step with the latest technologies and trends.


A Holistic Approach

When we say we develop websites, we offer a truly holistic service. If you already have a website, and would like to keep the same content, or maybe upgrade from a static website to a content management system, Kalemanzi Media Solutions will be able to do that for you without any downtime. We would call ourselves Joomla, Wordpress and CMS specialists, and we are no stranger to developing our own extentions and plugins or making custom coding changes where needed.

We have our own inhouse Linux based hosting solution, which gives us direct control over all our client´s servers in case of any emergencies. Our Data Centre is located in Amsterdam, Holland, complete with the usual aircon, backup diesel generators, redundant networks, hot swopping of hardware and frequent backups etc. This ensures that your website is always on a solid platform and in safe hands.

How we develop

  • We start with research about demographics, relevant keywords and registration of the correct domain names
  • We choose a hosting package based on the projected needs and future growth of the project
  • We sit with the client and design the logics, layout and structure of the website
  • We add initial content to the website, and can rewrite content for better wording and Search Engine Friendliness
  • We design a website template / skin / theme based on customer direction.
  • We integrate third party components into the system to perform special functions like shopping carts, forums, galleries, social bookmarking, product showcases and virtually any non standard feature you can think off
  • We educate the client about using their website and about the reasons behind our working methods.
  • We review the website with our clients and go through a snagg list to fix minor issues

After Sales Services

  • We can offer an after sales service of doing a security audit every second month and performing updates as needed.
  • We can offer a monthly Search Engine Optimization service
  • We offer support on all our websites, on a contractural basis or an ad hoc hourly rate.
  • We offer further development services if the client wishes to expand the capabilities of the website at a later stage, or make major alterations to the structure or design.
  • We host our client websites on our own dedicated servers, aiding us in giving server level support where needed.

Content is King!

Search engines don´t care how flashy your website looks or how much bells and whistles it has. Search engines simply provide a service to their users connecting them with a link to the website that is the closest to what they searched for. Unlike the industry norm, we do not feast on client ignorance by neglecting Search Engine Optimized designs. We develop Search Engine Friendly websites by default and have an intimate understanding of how to make it easy for search engines to find your content. (Ask us about this, we will show you some examples)

View some examples of our work.