Who is Kalemanzi Media Solutions?

Kalemanzi Media Solutions is really a solution driven company. We solve your problems. We are real people, who interface with our clients, and get the greatest kick when our clients are happy.

Our fundamental believes are rooted in excellence, integrity and honesty.

As a company we do not involve ourselves in any form of software piracy and all our software is either Open Source (GPL) or otherwise we own the legal license to each program. We have done work for clients in South Africa, Southern Sudan, Uganda, UK, USA etc. are are not bound by geographic or ethnic borders.

You can read more about our team below:

Paul N van Jaarsveld

paul"I am an adventure seeking individual, who loves a challenge, driven by natural curiosity and passion. My heart is to pioneer new things, and to deliver cutting edge solutions in a spirit of excellence, integrity and transparency."

Paul, who has been operating under the Kalemanzi GFX label since early as 2003 has an extensive experience and knowledge of virtually all parts of the web, audio, visual and IT fields. Paul´s programming roots go as far back as 1987 when he wrote MS-DOS batch programs and was introduced to GW Basic and Turbo Pascal. He has also been involved with live and studio Sound Reinforcement starting from 1993 and has mixed hundreds off different full bands and recorded several CD´s actively since 1996. He has also written courses on the subject and lectured on sound for several years in countries as far as Uganda. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in computer generated graphics and has done anything from 3D animation to designing complete magazines, logos and corporate images...

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